The Key to Succeeding in Your Online Business

I am sure you have heard this quote “If you build it, he will come” It is in the movie Field of Dreams, it is a great, iconic line.

Yet, this promise holds less weight in the realm of Internet businesses. Unlike the immediate customer base that brick-and-mortar establishments like Pizza Hut, Office Max, or Big-O might draw simply by existing, the online world requires a different approach.

A new website without marketing or promotion is akin to a billboard in the desert: present, but unseen.

The initial enthusiasm for an online business often focuses on product creation, website development, and marketing strategies.

Many entrepreneurs jump straight into building a business around a novel idea, convinced of its potential. But what often slips through the cracks is the market research—validating whether there is a demand for their product in the first place.

The hard truth is that success in business is not about finding an uncharted idea and hoping for a market to appear.

It’s about observing what consumers are already seeking and offering a product or service that meets that existing demand. More often than not, if something isn’t already being done, it’s not due to a lack of innovation; it’s because it has been tried and failed due to the absence of a viable market.

It’s a market-first approach that should lead the way, not the product. This reality check serves as a crucial reminder for any business venture, especially in the digital age where visibility and demand are not inherently granted.

“Market-First Strategy: The Key to Succeeding in Online Business Over ‘Build It and They Will Come’ Myth”